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If you need a sports masseur then contact Massage 4 Athletes.

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Massage 4 Athletes


All athletes have their own particular way of preparing for a good or excellent performance. Pre event massage plays a very useful and additional part in any preparation for competition. Only the principle muscles for the event are treated

  • Helping an athlete prepare for, or recover from, is an important part of sports massage
  • Your first ever massage should not be before a major event
  • No two sportsmen/women respond to massage in quite the same way

Pre event massage can be done anything from two days to immediately before the event; however, deep massage should not be considered as it can take two days to recover. Some athlete’s say they lose some of their explosive power if deep massage is used.

A stimulating massage is required for sports that require speed, strength and explosive power. For pre event nerves a more calming massage is often welcomed. At this point a well-trained athlete would use massage psychologically rather than physically.

In the last hour before the event massage should not suffice as an adequate warm up, only as part of.

Post Event Massage
Most athletes carry out a cooling down routine but often fail to do so after competition because of sheer exhaustion, elation or disappointment.
Massage can be an adequate substitute for a warm down as it can achieve much of the same effect by removing muscle waste and stretching the tissues.

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